Built for Mobility

Work All Day. Anywhere

Our most mobile ZBook is made to move. With long lasting battery life, this sleek device is small enough to fit in your bag so you can stay productive anywhere.

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Business Professionals


Create large PowerPoint decks, mine data from Excel pivot tables, and open hi-res files—simultaneously— without annoying slowdowns or PC freezes.

Third party software sold separately.

Project Managers


With a color-accurate DreamColor display and pro-level performance, you have everything you need to review 2D and 3D content and manage projects from anywhere.

Third party software sold separately.

Product Designers & Engineers


Review 2D and 3D content from anywhere with a color-accurate DreamColor display and pro-level performance.

Third party software sold separately.

Creative, Media & Entertainment Pros


Design print layouts, web and UX platforms, or create graphic logos without the laborious loading times.

Third party software sold separately.

STEAM Students


Certified for pro apps and ideal to take to class, the ZBook Firefly is designed for students who are preparing for a career in engineering, sciences or the arts.

Third party software sold separately.

Work All Day. Anywhere
Immerse in Your Work

HP ZBook Firefly G10 display panel options

With multiple display panel options, choose the right one based on your workflow needs.

HP DreamColor Display

Have confidence in what you see on screen with an optional 14” diagonal HP DreamColor Display with 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and a 120Hz refresh rate you get smooth motion for high-speed videos

OLED Display

With an optional 16” diagonal OLED display, the technology lights each pixel separately, you’ll get deeper blacks for richer contrast and enhanced color depth than traditional LED screens.

Touch Display

With 250 nits of brightness, walk through presentations quicker with an optional touch display

HP SureView Reflect Display

Instantly block prying eyes’ ability to view your screen with HP SureView Reflect that makes your screen unreadable from the side


HP ZBook Firefly G10

Upgrade to Pro-Level Performance

Say goodbye to lags and crashes. With the latest Intel® or AMD processors1, 2 and NVIDIA® graphics3 you can open large files and run pro apps simultaneously.The 16:10 aspect ratio reduces the need to scroll by showing 11% more vertical content than a 16:9 aspect ratio. Your work on screen doesn’t change—you can now see more of your project without minimizing program menus or toolbars. With multiple display panel options, choose the right one based on your workflow needs.

Intel® Core™ CPU

Take multitasking to the next level with up to Intel vPro® with 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor

Next Gen AMD Ryzen™ PRO CPU

Increase productivity and multitasking with a next gen AMD Ryzen™ PRO processor

Professional Graphics

Tackle your biggest projects with the choice of integrated AMD Radeon™ graphics or NVIDIA RTX™ A500 Laptop GPU when paired with an Intel® Core™ processor.

Up to 64 GB RAM

Run large applications simultaneously and power through projects.

Up to 2 TB6

Blitz through multiple tasks and ditch external drives with local NVMe storage.

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